Friday, June 24, 2011

Travel Track Gantry for Portable Hoists

This compact and portable travel track gantry system is simple to use, transport and store. Perfect for taking on holiday, it also provides an ideal solution for people requiring short term lifting/transfer assistance, or as an interim system whilst awaiting the installation of a fixed gantry.

The carry case opens out to reveal four telescopic legs and a gantry track that is compatible with most portable hoist units. Dolphin tend to use the V3 hoist or the Voyager Portable Hoist.

Each leg extends and is locked into place by means of a robust handle that clicks the lock into position. Peace of mind is provided by the clear visual indicator - if you can see the red section of the lock it is not engaged. The easy grip handles have been designed to make locking and unlocking the legs quick and simple.

The only installation necessary is the pulling out of the telescopic legs, the track is already fixed in place.

When it is no longer needed the legs are simply folded back into the case and the case in turn is folded back to its closed position. The Travel Track can then be stored until it is needed again.

For more information on the Travel Track and other transportable hoists please call Dolphin on 0800 9800 126 or visit the Dolphin Lifts website.

Dolphin Bathrooms to enter administration

News broke yesterday that the owner of Dolphin Bathrooms, private equity firm Homeform, plans to go into administration.

Dolphin Mobility and the other members of the Dolphin Stairlifts Group would like to make it absolutely clear that they have nothing to do with Dolphin Bathrooms or Homeform in any way, shape or form.