Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Multi Purpose Height Adjustable Mobile Bathing Bench

The unique Shower Bath Trolley is height adjustable, fully mobile and can function as a shower stretcher, shallow bath, or treatment table. 

The rim of the shower trolley can be raised and lowered electrically to make showering comfortable and convenient. With the rim in the highest position, it serves as a shallow bathtub.

Height Adjustable Shower Bath Trolley from Dolphin Mobility

Hoisting onto height adjustable changing and bathing bench

Removing the sling for assisted bathing

Shower Bath Trolley at lowest height

Shower Bath Trolley in raised position

Bathing the patient in the mobile bath trolley.

The bath can be lowered to enable PAT slide transfers of patients from a bed or trolley and the warm feeling bath liner is soft to the touch and easy to clean.

For more details on the Shower Bath Trolley or to arrange a demonstration please call Dolphin Lifts on 01276 856060 or send an email to requesting more information. Other nursing benches can also be found on our website.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Molift Air

The Molift Air is an innovative new ceiling hoist with a quick release function which enables the lift to be easily handled during installation and servicing.

It can be used with fixed rail systems as well as freestanding gantry systems. Trolleys are available which allow the Molift Air to be used with other manufacturers tracking.

Molift Air with 4 point suspension

Molift Air with 8 point suspension

Molift AIR with RgoSlings

Molift AIR Quick Release Coupling

Molift AIR Motor Controls

Molift AIR overhead hoist

Molift AIR ceiling track hoist

Molift AIR Pod Dimensions

Molift AIR Dimensions:

L x W x H: (Length, Width, Height without trolley) 360 x 190 x 195mm 
A: (Hoisting Range) 300mm
B: (Minimum distance from ceiling to CSP) 345mm
C: (Basic Trolley wheel to connection point lifter)
D: (Hoist height from connection point to CSP) 249mm
E: (Wheeltrack inside rail to under rail H62) 10mm
F: (C+D+H2-E = Total height from rail to connection point for sling)

The standard model traverses the rail manually but there is also the option of a propulsion motor for driven horizontal transfer along the rail.

For more information on the Molift AIR or any of our other hoists, please call us on 01276 856060 or email your request to