Friday, November 26, 2010

Voyager Duo Hoists

The Voyager Duo is a fixed track ceiling hoist which enables a carer to safely transfer patients with reduced mobility. The Duo was released in 2010 to gradually replace the BHM V4 Hoist and is installed on the same 'Kwik-trak' fixed tracking system as the previous V4 model.

Voyager Duo Ceiling Hoist

For more information, you can visit our hoists website, or call Dolphin Mobility Hoists on 0800 9800 126. Click the following link to see product guides, brochures and technical manuals for Voyager Duo Hoists.

OFT to launch a market study into Mobility Aids

Interested parties can submit written views by 10 January 2011. Comments can be submitted by email to, or by writing to the OFT at:

Mobility Aids Team
Goods Group
Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist - £200 Price Reduction

Oxford Hoists - The Oxford Voyager portable is now over £200 cheaper at Dolphin Mobility Hoists, they were £1365 and are now £1150 excluding vat. Visit the website or call 0800 9800 126 for more details.

Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oxford Mini Hoist

The Oxford Mini 140 hoist has been developed for the domestic care environment. Compact, highly durable and maneuverable the Mini offers an excellent range of minimum and maximum lifting heights.

Available in electric and hydraulic versions

140 kg / 22 st safe working load

LCD battery level indicator on electric version

Prices for Oxford Hoists can be seen on the Dolphin Lifts website.

    Oxford Major Hoist

    The Oxford Major Hoist is suitable for both nursing and acute care environments. High lifting capabilities and lightweight design allow the Major to perform well in most situations.

    * 190kg / 30st safe working load
    * Available in electric and hydraulic versions
    * LCD battery level indicator on electric version
    * Leg adjustment to enable access around obstacles

    Available to buy online from Dolphin Mobility Hoists or call on 0800 126 9800 for more information.

    Oxford Midi Hoist

    The Oxford Midi 170 is now available to buy online via Dolphin Mobility Hoists.

    • 170kg / 27st safe working load
    • Available in electric and hydraulic versions
    • LCD battery level indicator on electric version
    • Leg adjustment to enable access around obstacles

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Oxford Maxi 170 Hoists

    The Oxford Maxi 170 hoist has a maximum lift height from the floor of almost 2 metres. The Maxi can lift patients onto almost all acute and nursing surfaces. Remarkably, the Maxi maintains a relatively compact frame (no larger than the Major 190 in width and length), allowing the hoist to be manoeuvred and stored with relative ease.

    Available in both electric and hydraulic versions. For hydraulic versions subtract approx £300 from figure shown on Dolphin website.

    Outstanding lift height
    170kg / 27st safe working load
    Available in electric and hydraulic versions
    LCD battery level indicator on electric version
    Leg adjustment to enable access around obstacles

    Visit the Dolphin Mobility Hoists website or call 0800 9800 126 for more details.

    Oxford Stowaway 140 Folding Hoists

    The Oxford Stowaway folding hoist is a highly durable lift offering an excellent range of minimum and maximum lifting heights.

    Portable Hoists

    The Portable Hoists page on Dolphin Mobility Hoists website has been updated to include Oxford Hoists classic range.

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Hoists - Turntable Installations

    A hoist turntable is used at the intersection of track layouts. With the lift positioned on the turntable and using power supplied by the lift itself, the platform rotates to allow access to the adjoined tracks.

    Friday, September 03, 2010

    Stannah Lifts Holdings Limited acquire Norwegian Distributor

    Stannah Lifts Holdings Limited is very pleased to announce the acquisition of its Norwegian distributor, Access Vital – part of the Access AS Group.

    Stannah launched in Norway 30 years ago, when Brian Stannah appointed Dagfinn Nyborg, now a major shareholder of the Access AS Group as the national distributor. As well as distributing Stannah stairlifts in Norway, Access Vital also sell platform lifts and rollators to the Norwegian government and commercial contractors, as well as exporting their own design of rollator overseas.

    The “Active” and “Breeze” rollators are beautifully designed walking aids for indoor and outdoor use, light and strong they are highly portable and versatile.

    The acquisition of Access Vital which will continue to be known as Access Vital, represents the tenth subsidiary business that Stannah has established overseas in the past 18 years – the first being Stannah Inc in 1992 in the USA.

    Commenting on the acquisition, Brian Stannah, Joint Chairman of Stannah Lifts Holdings, said “We are delighted to have acquired Access Vital after the long and strong relationship that we have had with the company over the past 30 years. We are looking forward to working with the Access team to build on their success and further grow the business in the future”.

    Thursday, September 02, 2010

    Disabled Sports Clubs 'Missing Out'

    Sports clubs for the disabled are missing out on a multimillion-pound tax boost in the run-up to the Paralympics, London 2012 sponsor Deloitte has said.
    Thousands of disability clubs were urged to switch to Charity or Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) status in a bid to save themselves an average of £14,800 each per year in tax.

    For smaller-level local clubs, the average CASC saving is around £3,700 annually, according to Deloitte, which provides London 2012 management consulting and financial support services. This is a missed opportunity as "relatively few" amateur clubs take this step despite cash being a "precious commodity, often in short supply," Heather Hancock, lead partner for London 2012 at Deloitte said.

    British Paralympic Association chief executive Phil Lane said disability sports clubs need to be thinking about getting "in the best shape possible to make the most of the interest the Paralympic Games in London will generate".

    Currently around 2,000 disability sports clubs are registered with Parasport, a website set up in 2006 by Deloitte and ParalympicsGB to provide information on disability sport facilities across the UK. It gets around 25,000 hits a month with half of those visitors using the "Find a Club" search. If just 10% more of these clubs registered as CASCs and a further 10% as charities, they could realise £7.5 million of tax savings between now and 2012.

    Ms Hancock said: "Many clubs are not taking advantage of the financial reliefs currently available to them. The 2012 Paralympic Games in London represent a great opportunity to generate more support for disability sport and to boost participation at a local level.

    "Disability sports clubs should ensure they're in the best financial position to take advantage of the increased interest. A significant revenue boost to disability sports clubs would help them increase participation levels by improving facilities, increasing the number of sports on offer and so on. More people with disability playing and getting competitive in sport is exactly the kind of long-term legacy benefit from hosting the Paralympic Games that we're all keen to see."

    Mr Lane said: "I would urge clubs to see if being a CASC or charity would work for them, there is plenty of support and guidance available to make an informed decision and they can now access this through Deloitte Parasport."

    The "vast majority" of amateur sports clubs would already meet the charity or CASC qualifying criteria but each club would have to consider which option is best for them. Extra administration work, such as preparing a trustees' annual report and accounts, will come with being a registered charity.

    But Karen Potts, partner in the tax practice at Deloitte, said: "The administrative obligations for CASCs are less stringent, which means the scheme may be a preferable alternative to those clubs with a small organising committee or management. Whichever route is chosen by an individual club, the financial benefits of either charitable or CASC registration are clear and should be considered by all amateur sports clubs as a means of boosting available resources."

    Thursday, August 26, 2010

    Transport access 'letting London down' for 2012

    Two years to go until the Olympics and the Paralympics and according to the BBC, Transport for London have a long way to go before they provide suitable public transport access for wheelchair users.

    Friday, July 30, 2010

    New Handicare Stairlifts Chair

    Handicare Stairlifts, formerly Freelift Stairlifts, have a new stairlift chair which, we are told, will soon be available to buy.

    Handicare Stairlift Chair
    Handicare, formerly Freelift, chairlift
    New Handicare Stairlift chair
    View from above Handicare Stairlift Chair
    If you would like more information on Handicare Stairlifts, please call Dolphin Lifts on 0800 9800 126.

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Portable Wheelchair Access Lift

    This is the perfect solution for temporary wheelchair access be it at an exhibition event, school, theatre or village hall.

    For more information please call Dolphin on 0800 9800 126.

    Monday, June 07, 2010

    Dolphin Mobility Approved Rebound Therapy Supplier

    Dolphin Mobility is delighted to have been made an approved supplier by Rebound Therapy. This relates to the Victor Mobile Hoist which is able to lift disabled gym users onto high trampolines and has a lifting capacity of 35 stone.

    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Rebound Therapy Founder Receives Award

    The founder of Rebound Therapy, Eddy Anderson MCSP, Cert Ed, has been awarded the 'npower Special Award for Outstanding Achievement' at the npower / FDSO annual disability sports awards at Leeds United football stadium, which took place on 19th March 2010.

    The MC for the event was Yorkshire TV's sports commentator Roger Greenwood, who paid tribute to Eddy for being the founder of Rebound Therapy and one of the pioneers of sport for disabled people.

    He praised Eddy's 40 years of dedication to what he believes in, his relentless work ethic, his enthusiasm to find solutions for people with disabilities; and above all, the fact that he is a man who has made a massive difference to the lives of people with a disability.

    He stated that during the past 12 months Eddy and his team have been awarded corporate affiliation to the CPD Institute, been granted a three-year "approved provider" status by afPE (the Association for Physical Education), and in January this year formed a partnership working arrangement with the English Federation of Disability Sports.

    He went on to say that although now in his early 70s, Eddy's energy and enthusiasm for his work is undiminished and he still works full time delivering Rebound Therapy courses.

    He also detailed some of Eddy's other achievements including the fact that he is the inventor of “Floatsation”, a water based buoyancy system that enables people with profound disabilities to enjoy water activities in a safe and secure environment.

    Eddy attended the awards event with his colleagues Paul and Shirley Kaye.

    The award was presented by npower's Bridget Oxley.

    Rebound Therapy Website

    Rebound Therapy Facebook Page

    Friday, May 07, 2010

    Pool Lift Video's

    The Bluone Portable Pool Lift

    The Oxford Dipper Pool Lift

    The PAL and Splash Pool Lifts

    For more information please visit Dolphin Mobility Hoists or call free on 0800 9800 126.

    New Dolphin Stairlifts Anglia website

    The Dolphin Stairlifts Norfolk and Suffolk branch have a new website online. Based in Felixstowe and covering the East Anglia area, Dolphin are specialists in the supply and installation of stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, hoists and many other products for the elderly and disabled.

    Wednesday, May 05, 2010

    Frail and elderly people wait years for basic disability equipment

    Charities said elderly and disabled people were being "held prisoner" by local authority delays in providing mobility aids, such as ramps and handrails, with some restricted to just one room.

    The full article appears on the Telegraph website.

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Ceiling Hoists - Installing Exposed Unistrut Video

    This video shows the unistrut being installed for a ceiling hoist.

    New Harmony Wheelchair Lift

    Launched this week at Naidex, the new Terry Harmony Wheelchair Lift will be available to buy from Dolphin Mobility.

    The internal car dimensions of 755mm X 1175mm is the largest useable space for a standard wheelchair model on the market. The standard width has increase by 45mm allowing easier access into the lift for self propelled wheelchair users.

    Low floor construction provides a reduced gradient of ramp on entry, therefore, requiring less effort and providing more control on accessing the lift. This also applies when exiting the lift, resulting in increased comfort and peace of mind for the user.

    There is an adjustable floor frame, which allows the lift installation to accommodate a slope of up to 15mm away from the lift. This helps to improve access for the user as well making life easier for the lift installer when setting up.

    Radio remote call stations are now standard and this means a simpler, cleaner faster installation. There is no unsightly surface mounted trunking, improving the aesthetics of the lift installation.

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Fully Portable Patient Hoist

    The Flex Lift is a portable patient hoist which can be folded in seconds for easy storage and will fit into the boot of a normal car. The hoist can be transported in two carry bags weighing only 13 and 14 kg.

    • Maximum user weight 130 kg
    • Picks up from the floor. Hoisting range of 118cm (47")
    • The chassis folds for easy storage when not in use
    • Can be assembled and disassembled without the use of tools
    • Can be safely carried by one person
    • Fits into a normal sized boot
    The current retail price is £1936.88 for the hoist and £398.13 for the carry bags. Prices exclude VAT and delivery. Please click the link for more information on the Flex Lift Portable Floor Hoist.

    Swimming Pool Float Sling for Disabled Hoists

    The float sling has been designed to assistcarers during hydrotherapy sessions.

    Essentially it is a conventional sling with a foam band, which helps to maintain the shape of the sling on the surface water, enabling the user to be floated on and off.

    General size guide: Measure from the base of spine to middle of shoulders and choose sling with the closest measurement.

    Extra small: 420mm (16 1/2'').

    Small: 580mm (23'').

    Medium: 650mm (25 1/2'').

    Medium/Large*: 650mm (25 1/2'').

    Large: 800mm (31'').

    *Medium/Large has larger aperture.

    Prices start from £249 excluding VAT. For more details contact Dolphin on 0800 9800 126.

    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    Ceiling Hoists - Installing threaded rod video

    Part 3 of our ceiling hoist installation video. The hoists shown are manufactured by BHM Medical and further product information can be found on Dolphin Mobility's ceiling hoists page.

    Monday, March 22, 2010

    AXS Pool Lifts

    User manuals, brochures and dimensions have been updated on the Dolphin website for the AXS pool lift.

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Prism Medical Ltd 2009 Results

    Toronto, ON, March 11, 2010 -- Prism Medical Ltd. (“Prism” or “the Company”) (PM:TSX-VEN) today announced its results for the fiscal year ended November 30, 2009.

    In 2009, revenues were $65.7 million compared to $51.9 million in 2008. Sales in North America increased $9,374 or 43% to $31.1 million driven by increased sales in both the United States and Canada. The increase in U.S. sales was caused by market share gains on traditional products and channel and driven by direct sales efforts. The increase in Canada was driven by strong institutional demand for our products partially supported by government funding. In addition, the UK experienced a sales increase of 27% in British Pound Sterling (GBP) as they continued to expand into new geographies, however due to the decline of the GBP relative to the Canadian dollar sales actually increased by 15%.

    In 2009, gross profit increased $6.0 million (26%) over 2008 driven by the sales increase made by the Company owned network of dealers and direct sales staff. Selling, general and administration expenses increased $4.9 million (35%) primarily as a result of incorporating the operating costs of new acquisitions and infrastructure costs within the U.S.

    Andrew McIntyre, Chairman and CEO of Prism stated “2009 was a year of growth with significant gains in the United States and continued growth in the UK. Net income was $4,584 or $0.66 per share on a fully diluted basis as compared to $4,527 or $0.67 per share in fiscal 2008.

    Prism Medical Ltd. is a provider of durable medical equipment and related services to the mobility disadvantaged in Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom. While Prism’s history dates back to 1996, Prism’s subsidiaries and divisions have been servicing the mobility disadvantaged since the mid 1980s in their homes, long-term care facilities and acute care facilities. Prism includes Waverley Glen Systems, North America’s premier lifting, handling and repositioning aid manufacturer with distribution across Canada and the US; Patient Lifts of New England and Access Solutions with distribution across the northeastern USA; Westholme, Care Free Lifting & Handling, Test Valley Mobility, Saluss, Liftech and Assured Patient Lifts, leading distributors of moving and handling products in the UK; and Freeway Health Care, a UK-based manufacturer of ceiling hoists and shower chairs.

    Forward-looking Information
    Certain statements in this release may constitute forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements involve risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

    William G. Edwards
    Chief Financial Officer
    Prism Medical Ltd
    Toronto, Ontario
    T: 416-260-2145
    F: 416-260-9195

    Tuesday, March 09, 2010

    Oxford Hoists

    Oxford Hoists, formally a division of Sunrise Medical, are now a trading division of Joerns Healthcare. This division specialises in patient handling and includes products such as ceiling track hoists, portable hoists and swimming pool lifts. 

    Need to know which type of hoist is right for you?
    Disabled Patient Hoists Explained
    Ceiling Mounted Hoists Guide

    Ceiling Mounted Hoists

    Mounting the hoist to the ceiling is usually the preferred method of installation when considering the manual handling of a patient or disabled person. A ceiling mounted hoist has several advantages over alternative lifting methods.

  • A ceiling hoist takes up no floor space

  • The user can operate independently

  • Permanently fixed hoist and portable hoists available on ceiling mounted tracks

  • Does not require 2 carers to operate, as is currently recommended when using mobile floor hoists

  • The ceiling hoist track can travel from room to room

  • The portable hoist is easily detached for use on tracking installed in other rooms

  • Click the following link for a guide to ceiling mounted hoists.

    Wednesday, March 03, 2010

    Tuesday, March 02, 2010

    Tenor Bariatric Patient Hoist

    Battery-operated height-adjustable sling lift.
    • Safe working load of 704 lbs (320 kg)
    • 2 x batteries and charger as standard
    • 4-point hook spreader bar for use with bariatric loop sling range
    • A service indicator measures in hours to give accurate usage, indicating service intervals
    • Battery discharge indicator with coloured display to indicate the power remaining in the battery
    • Audible warning signal to indicate that the battery requires changing to the second battery
    • Handset to provide complete control when working closer with residents
    Bariatric sling range:
    • Bariatric M
    • Bariatric L
    • Bariatric XL
    • Bariatric XXL
    To download a brochure for the Tenor bariatric patient hoist, please click the following link:

    Tenor Bariatric Hoist Brochure

    To watch a video of the hoist in action, please click the following link:

    Tenor Bariatric Patient Hoist Video

      Tenor Hoist - Space Requirements

      Technical Information
      • Safe working load: 320 kg (704 lbs.)
      • Weight - incl. battery: 63 kg (138 lbs.)
      • Battery capacity: 24 V 4 Ah
      • Protection class: IPX4 (lifter)
      • Protection class: IP67 (handset)Scale
      • Power supply
      • Battery life: approx. 3000 readings
      • Dual operating controls on handset and mast
      • Anti-crush mechanism

      Wednesday, February 24, 2010

      Friday, February 19, 2010

      Ian Elford

      It is with great sadness that Dolphin Mobility have to announce the death of Ian Elford the former owner of Dolphin Lifts Kent.

      Ian was a great friend to us all in the Dolphin Group of companies and will be sadly missed. Ian died after a 2 year battle against Leukaemia, at the age of 56. He kept his sense of humour until the very end. If anyone would like to donate to Leukaemia Research, please click on this link.

      BHM V4 Ceiling Track Hoist - Return to Charge

      Click for more information on the BHM V4 Ceiling Track Hoist

      BHM V4 Ceiling Hoist - Hoist User Controls Instruction Video

      Click here for more information on the BHM V4 Ceiling Track Hoist

      Wednesday, February 17, 2010

      Risks to Service users known to self-hoist and transfer using ceiling track hoists

      The purpose of this Safety Notice is to alert health and social care providers to potential risks to service users whom are likely to self-hoist and transfer without the assistance of a carer(s).

      It will be of particular relevance to Social Services Departments, Occupational Therapy Departments, and Health Care Providers involved in the provision of and/or maintenance of community care equipment.
      The information will aid those organisations undertake suitable and sufficient risk assessments as part of their purchasing, issuing, commissioning, risk assessment, and service user review processes.

      Please click this link to read the full notice on the Health and Safety Executive website

      Thursday, February 11, 2010

      Ceiling Track Hoist through door header

      This image is an example of a Ceiling Track Hoist installed through a door header. The track is suspended due to the difference in height of the ceiling in the adjoining rooms. The tracking was dropped to accommodate the lower of the two ceiling heights.

      Wednesday, January 27, 2010

      BluOne F145 Swimming Pool Lift

      The BluOne F145 Swimming Pool Lift will be available to buy in the UK in 2010, supplied by Dolphin Mobility.

      BluOne F130 Swimming Pool Lift

      Another new pool lift from Digi Project, the BluOne F130 Swimming Pool Lift, will be available to buy from Dolphin Mobility in the UK. For more details please call 0800 9800 126.

      Friday, January 22, 2010

      Thursday, January 21, 2010

      Tuesday, January 12, 2010

      Oxford Dipper Pool Lift - Socket Blanking Plug

      There are three types of socket available for the Oxford Dipper pool lift. When correctly fitted the top of the 'A' and 'B' sockets will be 12mm below the floor level. The socket is supplied with a bkanking plu, seen below, to prevent ingress of water when the mast has been removed for storage. When fitted the top of the blanking plug is flush with the floor level and the metal 'key' can be unsrewed form the top of the plug to ensure that no tripping hazard exists.

      The Oxford Dipper 'C' socket is surface mounted and stands proud of the floor by 150mm, therefore, no blanking plug is required.