Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Harmony Wheelchair Lift

Launched this week at Naidex, the new Terry Harmony Wheelchair Lift will be available to buy from Dolphin Mobility.

The internal car dimensions of 755mm X 1175mm is the largest useable space for a standard wheelchair model on the market. The standard width has increase by 45mm allowing easier access into the lift for self propelled wheelchair users.

Low floor construction provides a reduced gradient of ramp on entry, therefore, requiring less effort and providing more control on accessing the lift. This also applies when exiting the lift, resulting in increased comfort and peace of mind for the user.

There is an adjustable floor frame, which allows the lift installation to accommodate a slope of up to 15mm away from the lift. This helps to improve access for the user as well making life easier for the lift installer when setting up.

Radio remote call stations are now standard and this means a simpler, cleaner faster installation. There is no unsightly surface mounted trunking, improving the aesthetics of the lift installation.

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