Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rebound Therapy Hoist

The Victor 2600 is a Rebound Therapy approved hoist supplied in the UK by Dolphin Lifts. The Victor hoist will comfortably lift a person onto a Regulation 77A trampoline and unlike other hoists, will get the user onto the main bed of the trampoline. The following images were taken at the Basingstoke Gymnastics club, you can read a case study about how they use the trampoline hoist on our website.

Rebound Therapy Approved Hoist

Lifting disabled person onto high surface

Trampoline Hoist for the Disabled

Dolphin Lifts have supplied the Victor hoist to many Leisure Centres, SEN schools and gymnasiums across the UK. Please call us on 01276 856060 or email info@dolphinlifts.co.uk for more details.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Swimming Pool in Benfleet Supports Accessible Swimming

Runnymede Swimming Pool in Benfleet, is benefiting from a pool access hoist supplied by Dolphin Lifts. The pool hoist is completely portable and allows disabled swimmers to enter the pool in a safe and comfortable manner.

Portable Aquatic Lift

Disabled Pool Lift

Accessible swimming hoist

Pool Hoist supplied by Dolphin Lifts

Runnymede Pool Lift

Disabled Access Pool Hoist

Disability Swimming Access

For more information on this and other access lifts for swimming pools, please contact Dolphin Lifts on 01276 856060 or visit the pool hoist section of the website.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Pool Access Hoists

We have installed pool access hoists all over the UK and have even shipped a fair few overseas. Pool hoists enable people with restricted mobility or disabilities to gain access in safety and with dignity.

Pool Access Hoist

I thought it would be nice to make a list of some of the forward thinking swimming pools in the UK that welcome disabled swimmers and decided to create a board on Pinterest to that effect. If you are disabled or struggle to get into or out of swimming pools you might want to check it out. Dolphin Lifts installed many of the pool hoists listed.

Follow Dolphin Lifts's board UK Pool Hoists on Pinterest.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Second Pool Hoist now available at Purbeck Sports Centre

Purbeck Sports Centre have been able to install a second new hoist for their changing facility and swimming pool. Thanks to a Dorset County Council Short Break Capital Grant Scheme we have been able to install a second new hoist for our changing facility and swimming pool.

The additional hoist will benefit people that are wheelchair and non-weight bearing users. Both hoists will give people the opportunity to participate in a sporting activity that is fun and extremely beneficial to a person's health and wellbeing.

Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist
The hoists will be available during all public swimming sessions, however, please note that there is a requirement for anyone using the new hoist to bring assistance with them as the Sports Centre staff are unable to assist with changing and transfers. As this requirement is in place there will be no charge for helpers/carers to use the swimming pool. Qualified lifeguards supervise the safety of the pool and its customers at all times. Please contact the Centre for an up-to-date swimming programme.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flint House Extended Reach Pool Lift

Flint House, The Police Rehabilitation Centre

One of the most common problems encountered when specifying a suitable pool lift for a client is the presence of a large drainage channel or gutter. If the gutter finishes more than 400 mm from poolside this may cause complications if you wish to install a conventional deck mounted pool lift.

This was the scenario confronting the Police Rehabilitation Centre at Flint House in Oxfordshire when they contacted Dolphin Mobility. Their choices were limited to a portable unit which could sit on top of the grate when in use, or a fixed unit with a long enough reach to span the gutter.

An additional requirement for the person using the lift to be able to operate it independently (if physically capable) was also a priority.

Taking all of the Centre’s needs into consideration the most suitable lift was the Splash Extended Reach. The Splash has a battery powered motor which enables the chair to raise, lower and swivel by use of the handset and extended arms which are capable of spanning the gutter.

The client also chose to purchase a Stability vest for patients with limited upper body or trunk stability. With all user requirements in place, it was time to proceed.

At this point Dolphin’s installation team takes over. A specialist diamond drilling company core drills the concrete and our engineer fits the socket using a chemical resin.

24 to 48 hours later the engineer returns to install, load test and commission the lift, before training relevant staff members and handing it over to the client. The Flint House have been using the pool lift for a year now. You can read about their experience on our website.

Lincoln company supports health professionals

Lincoln based Dolphin Mobility East Midlands recently held an open day at its Lincoln showroom. Healthcare professionals and representatives for all the surrounding local councils were invited to see the latest innovations in independent living solutions with demonstrations from many of the leading manufacturers all of whom work with the company.

The aim of the day was to help with their ongoing education about what products and services are available to people living with various levels of disabilities in Lincoln and the surrounding areas as Managing Director Michael Hambrook explained: "OTs and other healthcare professionals are a vital link between people with a disability and companies such as ourselves that supply the products that can really make a difference to peoples lives. By putting on an event like today the manufacturers themselves can engage directly with the healthcare professionals and council workers while demonstrating the latest advances in products ranging from stairlifts and hoists to rise and recline chairs and ramping solutions.”

For more information on Dolphin Mobility East Midlands call 01522 686315.

The photograph shows Michael Hambrook and Caroline Munday from Stannah, Gary Crofts from Access, Colin Gill from Dolphin Mobility East Midlands, Andy Allen from Handicare, John Hughes from Wessex, Colin Wotherspoon from HomeAdapt and Kent Meredith from A J Way.


Friday, November 01, 2013

Panda Pool Lift Available in the UK from Autumn 2013

The new Panda Pool Lift, manufactured in Italy by Digi Project, is now available to the UK market supplied exclusively by Dolphin Lifts hoisting division. The powered rear wheel is a feature unique to the Panda on this type of pool lift and we expect to see strong demand for the product in the coming months.

Please contact us on 01276 856060 for more details. Dolphin Lifts supply many leisure centres, rehab centres, SEN schools, residential properties and trade customers with a diverse range of lifting equipment for people with disabilities or restricted mobility.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Salford mobility shop celebrates one year of success

Posted by Tony Flynn (Salford Online) on 14th October 2013 at 04:41 PM

As part of its ongoing growth and development, Dolphin Mobility, Manchester, opened the doors to its refurbished Salford showroom last July, and is now celebrating one year of increased footfall and a larger customer base.

As the economy enters the fourth quarter, the company is anticipating a 20 per cent year-on-year increase in turnover thanks in part to the new showroom.

The refurbishment was made possible by a regeneration grant from Salford City Council as part of the redevelopment of Liverpool Road, Eccles, Dolphin Mobility then matched the council’s investment which enabled the company to substantially enhance the premises, with the most significant change being to the shop front which was bought forward in line with the pavement on the busy road.

As part of the ongoing redevelopment, shops on Liverpool Road are being refreshed through a building front improvement scheme. According to Salford City Council, since the scheme commenced in 2008, over 80 building frontages along Liverpool Road have already benefited from a ‘face lift’ in the Irlam, Cadishead, Peel Green and Patricroft areas. 95 local jobs have been safeguarded, 14 units have been brought back into use and shop owners, including Dolphin Mobility, have reported increased trade.

Clair Wilkinson, Business Development Manager, commented: “The difference the refurbishment has made is incredible. Where previously people would often walk past the building as we were set back from the main road and would often get missed – new customers and clients are visiting us and enquiring into our wide range of products and services and are actually asking how long we have been open! They are incredibly surprised when I tell them we have been open since 2001!”

According to Manager Dave Barratt, they are now able to invite more potential customer and professionals alike into the showroom for demonstrations and open days: “The showroom is much more bright and airy. The refurbishment has given us the space to be able to display our products better and carry out demonstrations when needed, enabling people to see the complete portfolio we have on offer.”

Dolphin Mobility’s Chris Nicholas added: “The refurbishment has enabled us to offer healthcare professionals, such as Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, the facility for CPD (continued professional development) by way of training sessions on our stairlifts, hoists and specialised equipment. This in turn enables them to provide better assessments and recommendations to the end user, helping to improve their quality of life.”

Another high point of 2013 has seen the company being awarded a place on Salford City Council’s framework partnering project, making it the only non-manufacturer on the scheme. The framework helps the council to send out strictly approved contractors on various jobs around the area based on cost, quality of their work, the products they stock and their ability to complete time sensitive projects. Craig Dunnage, Director of Dolphin Mobility commented: “We are incredibly grateful to Salford City Council for giving us the opportunity to be included in their framework as an approved contractor. This will allow us to continue to provide the people of Salford and the surrounding areas with top quality products and services.”

Most of Dolphin Mobility’s business comes by way of word-of-mouth thanks to the company’s professional yet caring approach. Clair said: “When I joined the company nearly 20 years ago I was struck by what an incredibly compassionate organisation it was and that ethos is still here today. We always go the extra mile when working with a customer and refuse to be beaten by even the most unique request. It never fails to amaze me how loyal our customers are; for example, a customer who used our services nearly a decade ago recently recommended us to a consultant at Trafford Hospital.”

The branch offers servicing of all mobility products, including stairlifts, hoists and mobility scooters. For more information on Dolphin Mobility and its products and services, please visit Dolphin Mobility website or call 0161 7079995.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Spa Lift for Disabled Access

We designed this bespoke hoist gantry system to enable our client to access their outdoor hot tub. This is just one of the many solutions that we have for people that need to access a pool, spa or hydrotherapy pool.

Bespoke gantry system for disabled access to hot tubs.

User is moved over Spa

Ready to be lowered into the water.

Using the Spa Lift.

Disabled Access to Hot Tub

Please contact Dolphin Lifts on 01276 856060 to request a quotation or for more information and advice.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Pool Access Lift for swimmers with a disability

New to the market in 2013 is the stylish, Italian designed, i-Swim Pool Access Lift. The i-Swim assists people with a disability or restricted mobility to gain access to swimming pools.

Dolphin Mobility are now supplying the i-Swim pool lift to customers in the UK. A demonstration unit is available in some parts of the country, please call 01276 856060 for more details or send an email to info@dolphinlifts.co.uk.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bruges to Stuttgart Charity Bike Ride

Dolphin Mobility's Chris Nicholas and 3 friends are about to embark on a 3 day 450 mile cycle ride from Bruges in Belgium to Stuttgart Germany in the Rad Vlaanderen 2013 Challenge, in aid of Cancer Research, Great Ormand Street Hospital and the British Heart Foundation.

Dolphin are providing their Support Vehicle and fuel for the trip. Managing Director, Craig Dunnage commented, "Why anyone would want to ride that far on a bike, when they have a perfectly good car, is beyond me. It won't make them any younger. But it is for a great cause and we wish them fair weather and our best wishes."

They have already raised in excess of a £1000 and are looking to up the contributions in the final days before departure. Please give generously


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Hidden Cost of Moving Patients

Interesting blog post from the Harvard Business Review.

A good example of a program that improves patient care, enhances the work environment, and reduces costs — all in an area of medical care that is often overlooked — is one that I lead: Intermountain Healthcare’s Integrated Safe Patient Handling Program. It focuses on reducing injuries to patients and employees due to transfers, lifting, and falls. Perhaps surprisingly, more injuries occur while lifting patients of average weight than overweight patients, because too often it’s assumed that the lifting will not be a problem.
Before we started the program in 2008, we did an analysis of our 22 hospitals and more than 100 clinics, which collectively had 33,000 employees. We found that between 2004 and 2007 the average number of employee injuries was 205 per year; 25 to 30 employees had some level of permanent disability. The average total cost was about $1.5 million per year.
Data on patient events or injuries likewise revealed a four-year average of 219 patient falls related to lift or transfer activities. Patient falls most often occurred in general medical-surgical units, inpatient rehabilitation, imaging, and orthopedics.
Employee injuries were more common than those to patients, in large part because the employees were doing the lifting or transferring. The extent of permanent disability for employees is a critical concern in an environment where nursing shortages are prevalent.
The Benefits
After one year of implementation, Intermountain’s employee injury rates were reduced by 42%, and patient falls related to transfer (as distinct from employee injuries) were reduced by 45%. By the end of the second year, we had seen a 41% reduction in employee injuries compared to the rates before the program was introduced, and a 49% reduction in patient falls related to lift and transfer activities.
We conservatively estimate that the cost savings from reducing employee injuries system-wide is $500,000 per year. The benefit in terms of safety for all concerned is far greater.
Key Elements
The multi-dimensional program design includes the following: well-trained employees with facility- and unit-level champions; mechanical lift and transfer devices, lateral-transfer air mattresses, gait belts, slide sheets, and slide boards; standardized protocols and tools; patient assessments; monitoring of outcomes; and, leadership support. More detail on the program and its implementation is available in an April 2011 article in Nursing Management and a Joint Commission/OSHA monograph titled “Improving Patient and Work Safety.”
The following were crucial to the program’s success: commitment from Intermountain’s Central Office leadership, which secured the resources for equipment purchases and approved the allocation of staff time; mid-level management support of policies; protocols and front-line participation to implement patient assessments; and, care-planning requirements.
The equipment purchases cost $700,000 in the first year and a total of $1.4 million over three years — with projected savings resulting in a potential payback in less than three years. Staff time was required to create the educational materials and conduct the needed training.
The team that developed and manages the program is led by the Central Office patient safety coordinator (in this case, me) and the employee health director, with team members from risk management, nursing leadership, education services, and front-line staff from each clinical program (such as surgical services, physical therapy, imaging, and nursing).
Patient Assessment
Patient assessment is conducted on admission, daily, and when there is a change of condition, using special nursing assessment tools that are embedded in existing charting (computer and paper). The assessment tools, including specific criteria, are contained in the Joint Commission/OSHA monograph.
The assessment results in the assignment of one of the following safe patient handling categories: Maximum/Full Assist (two staff members and a mechanical lift device); Moderate/Partial Assist (one staff member and a powered lift device or a gait belt); Minimum/Standby (stand by to help if needed); and, Independent.
Wall signs depicting the scoring tool with category criteria can be posted at the head of the patient’s bed and in staff rooms to provide visual reminders. Door-frame magnets and chart-back stickers are also available to alert staff to the appropriate “assist” level. Charting forms incorporate the tool in the medical record for seamless documentation.
Staff education includes hands-on classes as well as computer-based training for equipment, policy and assessment tools, and checklists for skills pass-off (the process in which a trained educator observes a new employee demonstrating safe use of a device).
Collection and Use of Data
Also crucial to this program’s success is the use of employee injury and patient fall reports. These are housed online — via the Intermountain intranet — on the reports’ portal. These reports allow data to be examined for the system, region, hospital, and department. Employee Health collects data from a standard post-injury questionnaire, which is used for local process improvement.
Ensuring the program’s initial and ongoing success requires more than mandates. Recognition and elimination of barriers are essential when instituting any change in organizational culture. Those barriers in this case included the following: funding for purchasing lift equipment; resources for education; new assessment tools, policies, procedures, and forms; and, changing the practices of health care workers.
System-wide programs such as this are not simple to design or implement, but the savings in terms of injuries avoided and costs reduced — as well as the prevention of permanent disabilities — are impressive. Maximizing opportunities for better care at a lower cost requires implementing programs such as this. Having been proven effective, it is now ready for widespread replication.
Follow the Leading Health Care Innovation insight center on Twitter @HBRhealth. E-mail us athealtheditors@hbr.org, and sign up to receive updates here.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Molift Smart Travel Hoist

The Molift Smart Hoist is foldable, lightweight and portable making it the perfect hoist for travelling. A choice of 2 optional travel cases are available for the hoist to keep it in pristine condition when out and about.

Molift Smart Hoist - ready for use

Molift Smart Hoist - folded for storage or transportation

Molift Smart Soft Travel Case

Molift Smart Hoist Hard Travel Case

Molift Smart Hoist in Car Boot
Molift Smart in Hoist Hard Case
Call us on 01276 856060 for more details or to see this and other travel hoists visit the portable hoists page on our website.