Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rebound Therapy Hoist

The Victor 2600 is a Rebound Therapy approved hoist supplied in the UK by Dolphin Lifts. The Victor hoist will comfortably lift a person onto a Regulation 77A trampoline and unlike other hoists, will get the user onto the main bed of the trampoline. The following images were taken at the Basingstoke Gymnastics club, you can read a case study about how they use the trampoline hoist on our website.

Rebound Therapy Approved Hoist

Lifting disabled person onto high surface

Trampoline Hoist for the Disabled

Dolphin Lifts have supplied the Victor hoist to many Leisure Centres, SEN schools and gymnasiums across the UK. Please call us on 01276 856060 or email info@dolphinlifts.co.uk for more details.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Swimming Pool in Benfleet Supports Accessible Swimming

Runnymede Swimming Pool in Benfleet, is benefiting from a pool access hoist supplied by Dolphin Lifts. The pool hoist is completely portable and allows disabled swimmers to enter the pool in a safe and comfortable manner.

Portable Aquatic Lift

Disabled Pool Lift

Accessible swimming hoist

Pool Hoist supplied by Dolphin Lifts

Runnymede Pool Lift

Disabled Access Pool Hoist

Disability Swimming Access

For more information on this and other access lifts for swimming pools, please contact Dolphin Lifts on 01276 856060 or visit the pool hoist section of the website.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Pool Access Hoists

We have installed pool access hoists all over the UK and have even shipped a fair few overseas. Pool hoists enable people with restricted mobility or disabilities to gain access in safety and with dignity.

Pool Access Hoist

I thought it would be nice to make a list of some of the forward thinking swimming pools in the UK that welcome disabled swimmers and decided to create a board on Pinterest to that effect. If you are disabled or struggle to get into or out of swimming pools you might want to check it out. Dolphin Lifts installed many of the pool hoists listed.

Follow Dolphin Lifts's board UK Pool Hoists on Pinterest.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Second Pool Hoist now available at Purbeck Sports Centre

Purbeck Sports Centre have been able to install a second new hoist for their changing facility and swimming pool. Thanks to a Dorset County Council Short Break Capital Grant Scheme we have been able to install a second new hoist for our changing facility and swimming pool.

The additional hoist will benefit people that are wheelchair and non-weight bearing users. Both hoists will give people the opportunity to participate in a sporting activity that is fun and extremely beneficial to a person's health and wellbeing.

Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist
The hoists will be available during all public swimming sessions, however, please note that there is a requirement for anyone using the new hoist to bring assistance with them as the Sports Centre staff are unable to assist with changing and transfers. As this requirement is in place there will be no charge for helpers/carers to use the swimming pool. Qualified lifeguards supervise the safety of the pool and its customers at all times. Please contact the Centre for an up-to-date swimming programme.