Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flint House Extended Reach Pool Lift

Flint House, The Police Rehabilitation Centre

One of the most common problems encountered when specifying a suitable pool lift for a client is the presence of a large drainage channel or gutter. If the gutter finishes more than 400 mm from poolside this may cause complications if you wish to install a conventional deck mounted pool lift.

This was the scenario confronting the Police Rehabilitation Centre at Flint House in Oxfordshire when they contacted Dolphin Mobility. Their choices were limited to a portable unit which could sit on top of the grate when in use, or a fixed unit with a long enough reach to span the gutter.

An additional requirement for the person using the lift to be able to operate it independently (if physically capable) was also a priority.

Taking all of the Centre’s needs into consideration the most suitable lift was the Splash Extended Reach. The Splash has a battery powered motor which enables the chair to raise, lower and swivel by use of the handset and extended arms which are capable of spanning the gutter.

The client also chose to purchase a Stability vest for patients with limited upper body or trunk stability. With all user requirements in place, it was time to proceed.

At this point Dolphin’s installation team takes over. A specialist diamond drilling company core drills the concrete and our engineer fits the socket using a chemical resin.

24 to 48 hours later the engineer returns to install, load test and commission the lift, before training relevant staff members and handing it over to the client. The Flint House have been using the pool lift for a year now. You can read about their experience on our website.

Lincoln company supports health professionals

Lincoln based Dolphin Mobility East Midlands recently held an open day at its Lincoln showroom. Healthcare professionals and representatives for all the surrounding local councils were invited to see the latest innovations in independent living solutions with demonstrations from many of the leading manufacturers all of whom work with the company.

The aim of the day was to help with their ongoing education about what products and services are available to people living with various levels of disabilities in Lincoln and the surrounding areas as Managing Director Michael Hambrook explained: "OTs and other healthcare professionals are a vital link between people with a disability and companies such as ourselves that supply the products that can really make a difference to peoples lives. By putting on an event like today the manufacturers themselves can engage directly with the healthcare professionals and council workers while demonstrating the latest advances in products ranging from stairlifts and hoists to rise and recline chairs and ramping solutions.”

For more information on Dolphin Mobility East Midlands call 01522 686315.

The photograph shows Michael Hambrook and Caroline Munday from Stannah, Gary Crofts from Access, Colin Gill from Dolphin Mobility East Midlands, Andy Allen from Handicare, John Hughes from Wessex, Colin Wotherspoon from HomeAdapt and Kent Meredith from A J Way.


Friday, November 01, 2013

Panda Pool Lift Available in the UK from Autumn 2013

The new Panda Pool Lift, manufactured in Italy by Digi Project, is now available to the UK market supplied exclusively by Dolphin Lifts hoisting division. The powered rear wheel is a feature unique to the Panda on this type of pool lift and we expect to see strong demand for the product in the coming months.

Please contact us on 01276 856060 for more details. Dolphin Lifts supply many leisure centres, rehab centres, SEN schools, residential properties and trade customers with a diverse range of lifting equipment for people with disabilities or restricted mobility.