Thursday, October 08, 2015

Riding for the Disabled - Hoists

Dolphin Mobility can provide a number of solutions to the challenges of lifting a disabled person onto a horse.

Without knowing the structure of the building involved, or the particular needs and capabilities of the individual concerned, it is difficult to provide exact costs. As you will see from the photos, there are several options.

Overhead hoist systems are often used and can be fixed to steel beams if there is a covered area and suitable structure. It is usual for a ramp and platform to be constructed on one side. This makes the job of assistants much safer and easier. The prices for overhead track system suitable with the Body Support will range from £2500 - £3000. But additional costs may be incurred if scaffolding is required to mount the hoist.

For users with reasonable upper body strength and mobility, the Handimove Body Support is the most suitable system, it allows 360 degree rotation. It can be used with Handimove ceiling hoists, portable hoists or wall mounted hoists. The approximate cost is £970 for the Body Support and leg supports.

It is essential that prior to purchase, the user is assessed and tries the system out, as many people are unable to use it, due to the nature of their disability.


For those unable to use this system a standard Spreader Bar and Sling may be used. It is normal for a Toileting sling to be used. ie back and legs supported but not backside. Typical cost for a Spreader Bar and Sling would be around £300.

For outdoor areas where there is no mounting place for a hoist, by constructing concrete pads, a gantry system can be used. This can be permanently fixed or removable posts can be sunk into the ground. Use of a portable lifting system such as the Handimove Portable model, means that the hoist can just be clipped on when needed and stored in the dry when not in use. The Handimove Portable can be used with the body support system or a sling.

Handimove Portable Hoist costs £1395, Typical gantry cost excluding building work £1200, Body Support System £970.

The Portable system has the benefit that it can also be used in the disabled bathroom in conjunction with a ceiling track. The hoist is light weight and easily transferred.

If you are able to provide photographs and or plans of the premises and the needs of the client, I will be able to provide much more detailed costs and suggestions. I would recommend that an Occupational Therapist and or Manual Handling specialist is consulted, to ensure that any equipment purchased is suitable. As is always the case, a full risk assessment should be carried out before use by any individual.

Please note that all prices mentioned are a guide price and subject to final site survey. Building and construction works are not included. Prices also exclude VAT.

We are also currently developing a hoist which can be mounted to a horsebox or to a wall in a stable. If you are interested in this type of hoist please contact Dolphin on 0800 9800 126 or by sending an email to

Portable Travel Hoist Converts to Standing Hoist

Our popular Portable Travel Hoist can now be converted to a Standing Hoist with the optional knee pad and footplate retro-fit kit.

Portable travel hoist standing lift conversion

Dolphin Standing Hoist with Narrow Footplate

Dolphin Standing Portable Hoist with Standing Portable Hoist with Wide Footplate
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