Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New portable pool lift is installed at New Ross swimming pool

NEW ROSS Swimming Pool have 'splashed out' on a new portable lift for the pool, which will give ease of access to the disabled.

The pool lift, which was brought in to New Ross from the United States, is fully portable and will make the pool more accessible to people with physical disabilities.

The lift, which cost in the region of ¤9,000 is funded under the Wexford Local Authorities Accessibility programme.

Because the lift is totally portable and works on a rechargeable battery it does not infringe on lane swimming at the pool, and can also be moved to the new swimming pool when it is built.

'Prior to this people with disability had to have help from the staff to access the pool. This gives them more independence,' said Martin Kirby, pool manager. He added that a similar style lift is used in the National Acquatic Centre in Dublin.

- Anne Marie O'CONNOR

Is charity just another big business?

"Some big charities are more commercial than many traditional businesses, and are exploiting their charitable status as an unfair competitive advantage."

It is a bold statement - and reflects what an increasing number of smaller businesses are saying in private, if not in public. Casting aspersions on organisations such as Help the Aged, Red Cross, the RNID and RNIB, which are generally held in such high regard, is risky; not least because adverse comments are likely to be misinterpreted as an attack on the charities themselves, when in fact it is their trading activities that are causing the rumbles of concern.

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