Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is charity just another big business?

"Some big charities are more commercial than many traditional businesses, and are exploiting their charitable status as an unfair competitive advantage."

It is a bold statement - and reflects what an increasing number of smaller businesses are saying in private, if not in public. Casting aspersions on organisations such as Help the Aged, Red Cross, the RNID and RNIB, which are generally held in such high regard, is risky; not least because adverse comments are likely to be misinterpreted as an attack on the charities themselves, when in fact it is their trading activities that are causing the rumbles of concern.

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DDA Access Auditing said...

I seriously think its time we had a new ruling on charities and how they are run, too many fat cats getting fatter while the man in the street puts his hand in his pocket thinking his £1 is helping when in reality he is probably giving 10p to the good cause and 90p to keep the fat cats in their big houses.

Sad in most cases by true.