Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oxford Maxi 170 Hoists

The Oxford Maxi 170 hoist has a maximum lift height from the floor of almost 2 metres. The Maxi can lift patients onto almost all acute and nursing surfaces. Remarkably, the Maxi maintains a relatively compact frame (no larger than the Major 190 in width and length), allowing the hoist to be manoeuvred and stored with relative ease.

Available in both electric and hydraulic versions. For hydraulic versions subtract approx £300 from figure shown on Dolphin website.

Outstanding lift height
170kg / 27st safe working load
Available in electric and hydraulic versions
LCD battery level indicator on electric version
Leg adjustment to enable access around obstacles

Visit the Dolphin Mobility Hoists website or call 0800 9800 126 for more details.

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