Friday, May 28, 2010

Rebound Therapy Founder Receives Award

The founder of Rebound Therapy, Eddy Anderson MCSP, Cert Ed, has been awarded the 'npower Special Award for Outstanding Achievement' at the npower / FDSO annual disability sports awards at Leeds United football stadium, which took place on 19th March 2010.

The MC for the event was Yorkshire TV's sports commentator Roger Greenwood, who paid tribute to Eddy for being the founder of Rebound Therapy and one of the pioneers of sport for disabled people.

He praised Eddy's 40 years of dedication to what he believes in, his relentless work ethic, his enthusiasm to find solutions for people with disabilities; and above all, the fact that he is a man who has made a massive difference to the lives of people with a disability.

He stated that during the past 12 months Eddy and his team have been awarded corporate affiliation to the CPD Institute, been granted a three-year "approved provider" status by afPE (the Association for Physical Education), and in January this year formed a partnership working arrangement with the English Federation of Disability Sports.

He went on to say that although now in his early 70s, Eddy's energy and enthusiasm for his work is undiminished and he still works full time delivering Rebound Therapy courses.

He also detailed some of Eddy's other achievements including the fact that he is the inventor of “Floatsation”, a water based buoyancy system that enables people with profound disabilities to enjoy water activities in a safe and secure environment.

Eddy attended the awards event with his colleagues Paul and Shirley Kaye.

The award was presented by npower's Bridget Oxley.

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