Wednesday, December 05, 2007

High pressure sales advice from The Scotsman

This interesting article appeared in The Scotsman and warns of the high pressure sales techniques that many mobility companies now employ.

I particularly recommend the following advice.

"Sales people may try to make you feel that if you don't buy a particular item now you will lose out; offer you a massive discount on an original high price; try to build up your commitment to the product so that you can't say no later on; use expert opinions to influence your decision or use personal information they gain from you to persuade you to agree you are interested in the product.

"Ask friends and family for recommendations of companies or traders before you buy. Shop around and if it's a large purchase consider getting several quotes.

"Try to have a friend or relative with you for support and to witness any verbal claims that are made. Make sure you get everything in writing, including any special deals or discounts.

"Don't sign on the spot - always read any contract carefully, and if you're being asked to sign a credit agreement, think about getting someone else to check the details before you sign.

"If a product costs over £100, using a credit card may give you extra protection if the goods are faulty or not as described."

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