Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pool Lift

If you need a pool lift, Dolphin Mobility have a comprehensive range of products to suit nearly every kind of swimming pool.

The Bluone Portable Pool Lift is suitable for level access swimming pools.
The BluOne can transfer people to and from pools, dressing rooms and other places in an easy, smooth and safe manner.

pool liftsBluOne is easy to use. The person simply sits on the seat at the front and is pushed to the edge of the pool. Simply operate the brake and lock in position, press the down button and the swimmer is lowered into the pool.

The Oxford Dipper Pool Lift is for use at swimming pools, therapy pools and quayside locations
. The Dipper is best used in level access pools or where a small pool side wall or obstruction exists.

The most versatile pool lifts are the Splash! Semi Portable Pool Lift and the PAL Portable Pool Lift. They can be adapted for above ground pools and for above ground spas up to 52” above the deck.

PAL pool liftsAnother big plus point for the Splash and the PAL is the hand control which powers the pool lift up, down, left and right. This means that it can be operated by the user without relying on an assistant.

If you would like to discuss any of these products please call us on 0800 9800 126.

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