Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Access Ramp Length Calculator

Health & Safety guidelines recommend a gradient of 1:12 for general access and unassisted manual wheelchair users, this may be difficult or impractical due to space constraints or restrictions. You may find your particular requirements are unable to meet this specification.

This ramp length calculator may help you in determining the best fit to your particular requirements by giving you suggested minimum lengths where space restrictions rule out the use of the Health & Safety recommendations. Regardless, only use ramps as long as, or longer, than those suggested. Ramps should be carefully evaluated during use, with assistance at first, to confirm their suitability in practice for your particular application.

The suggestions in this calculator use the following gradients:

Manual Wheelchair Electric Wheelchair / Scooter
1:8 ‘Good’ For use with assistance. 1:6‘Good’
1:10 ‘Better’ Unassisted or assisted as necessary. 1:7‘Better’
1:12 ‘Best’ Unassisted. 1:8‘Best’

Click the portable access ramp link for more details.

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