Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gantry Hoists for the Disabled

There are many types of portable gantry hoists on the market, here is a selection of our preferred systems, which can be seen in more detail on the portable hoist page of our website.

The Easytrack FS is our most popular gantry hoist, used in conjunction with the V3 portable and Voyager portable hoist motors, the tracking has a safe working capacity of 200kg, which is exceptional for a portable gantry system.

Easytrack FS
V3 Portable Hoist

Voyager Portable Hoist

Easytrack FS Posts
If the portability of the gantry is the most important factor then the Travel Track may be the most suitable system. The track folds up into a wheeled travel case and is probably the easiest hoist to erect, dismantle and transport.
Travel Track
The portable nature of the Travel Track reduces the load capacity, which is limited to 130 kg, and it is important to bear this in mind before you buy. The V3 and Voyager portable hoists can also be used with this gantry system.

If you would like to speak to someone about gantry hoists, you can call Dolphin Lifts on 0800 9800 126.

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