Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Arjo Maxi Sky 440 Portable Hoists

The Arjo Maxi Sky 440 is a portable ceiling lift which replaces the BHM V3 hoist in our product range. It can be used with portable gantry systems and fixed ceiling track systems.

Maxi Sky 440 with Easytrack FS
Maxi Sky 440 being used with the Easytrack FS Gantry
Arjo Maxi Sky 440 patient lifter
Maxi Sky 400 hoisting a patient into bed
The Maxi Sky 440 weighs only 6.5 kg and has an impressive safe working load of 200 kg. When not in use the unit can be plugged in and charged at any conventional power outlet. Call us on 01276 856060 for more details or visit the portable hoists section on our website for this and other available models.


Disabled Mobility Equipment said...

Hi Christian. This hoist looks great. 6.5kg is very lightweight given how much it can lift. Fantastic.

Best wishes, Alex

Christian Dunnage said...

Hi Alex, thanks for your comment. Funnily enough, I've referred quite a few people to your website recently.