Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Specifying the Oxford Dipper Pool Lift

The Oxford Dipper Lift is suitable for the following categories of lift within the working parameters
of the Dipper specified in the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS within the user manual.

• Category A - Wheelchair
• Category C - Bath
• Category D - Toilet/Shower Chair
• Category E - Floor
• Category F - 90 Degree Rotation

The Oxford Dipper Lift  is suitable for patients in the SITTING, SITTING/RECUMBENT and
RECUMBENT positions.

When using the pool lift with a spreader bar, Joerns Healthcare Ltd range of Polyester net slings can be used with the Oxford Dipper Lift. The slings suitable for this device are listed as follows:

• Oxford Quickfit Sling
• Oxford Full Back Sling
• Oxford Quickfit Deluxe Sling
• Oxford Longseat Sling

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