Monday, April 27, 2015

Neptune Hydrotherapy Pool Lift

Dolphin are pleased to be able to announce the return of the Neptune Pool Lift to the UK market. The perfect hoist for Hydrotherapy Pools, the Neptune can be used with transporter chairs or a transportable stretcher.

Hydrotherapy Pool Hoist

Deck mounted hydro pool hoist

Ambulift Pool Hoist Chair

Stretcher for Hydrotherapy Pool Lift

Neptune Hydrotherapy Pool Hoist Chairs

Neptune Hydro Pool Hoist Winch

Neptune Hydro Pool Lift

Transfer chair for Neptune Hoist

Pool lift stretcher and trolley

Pool lift stretcher and trolley

Neptune transfer chair

The Neptune works by means of a manually operated winch system and is very user friendly for the person being lifted as well as the operator of the lift. The lift is secured to the floor by the installation of an in-ground socket or surface mounted base plate.

For information on this and other swimming pool transfer devices please visit or call us on 01276 856060.

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Giovana said...

That's wonderful that you have a product to allow disabled people to enjoy swimming. Swimming can be one of the most relaxing activities, and it's important that those who can't walk or who are otherwise disabled can go and enjoy this. Anyone should enjoy swimming!