Friday, September 16, 2016

Disabled Access Hoist for Hot Tubs

14 year old Joel Tucker is now able to enjoy hydrotherapy sessions at home following the installation of a Handi-Move wall hoist supplied by Dolphin Lifts.

Handi-Move disabled access hoist for hot tubs.

Joel now uses the hot tub at least twice a week and his legs have strengthened considerably since he started using it.

Hoist used for hydrotherapy sessions

There are two versions of the wall lift which are suitable for aiding access to a bath or hot tub as well as a mains only version which can only be used indoors. 

Handi-Move spa hoist supplied by Dolphin Lifts

The lift can be mains powered, with an emergency battery back up, using a transformer to make it safe to operate in wet areas. If the hot tub isn't close to a power supply a battery only powered wall lift is also available.

Jacuzzi hoist supplied and installed by Dolphin Lifts

The Handimove wall hoist has been designed for use in confined spaces such as around a hot tub where tracked or mobile hoists are unsuitable. It is also often used inside the home if there are low ceilings or if fixings can't be made overhead.

Above ground pool hoist supplied and installed by Dolphin Lifts

The wall lift is controlled via a waterproof hand control, making it completely safe for use in an environment where there may be water.

Hydrotherapy hoist supplied and installed by Dolphin Lifts

The telescopic arm of the hoist can extend the radius of its arc from 900mm to 1300mm (354” to 512”) which ensures the user can be easily transferred from their chair. There is also an extension bracket available if a longer reach is required.

Above ground spa hoist supplied and installed by Dolphin Lifts

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