Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ceiling Hoist Tracking Options

XY Tracking

XY Tracking enables full coverage of a room where a number of hoisting points may need to be achieved. This type of system is often used in sensory rooms, soft floor play areas, swimming pools and hospital wards. It also allows for room layouts to be changed without the need to reposition tracking.

XY Ceiling Hoist Fixed Track Hoist

Track Interlock

Track Interlock provides a link from a XY tracking system to a second XY or fixed track in an adjoining room.

A Frames

A Frames allow straight lengths of tracking to be supported on floor-mounted frames where the ceiling construction is not suitable. It also provides hoisting for those who only need it on a short-term basis.Some of these tracking options may involve modifications to the doors headers where possible. This work would be identified at the time of our site survey.

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