Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Independent Living Fall Prevention

Between one-third and a half of people over 65 will have a fall in any 12 month period. The costs are considerable in personal terms, of course, and also to the NHS, where £908 million is spent annually on treating fall-related injuries. It is not surprising then, that one of the key objectives of the National Service Framework for Older People is to "reduce the number of falls which result in serious injury and ensure effective treatment and rehabilitation for those who have fallen".

In recognition of the importance of this topic, Independent Living have established an area on the site dedicated to strategies and products to help with preventing falls:


This is a substantial section in its own right, and also ties in with the two complementary areas, "Resources for Carers" and "Telecare and Communications"

http://www.independentliving.co.uk/carers.html http://www.independentliving.co.uk/comms.html

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