Friday, October 23, 2009

Domestic Wheelchair Lifts

Dolphin Lifts can supply domestic wheelchair lifts, sometimes known as home lifts, from 3 manufacturers. This choice enables Dolphin to recommend the right equipment for each client’s needs without compromising on quality or safety.

 Pollock Wheelchair Lift

The Pollock Wheelchair Lift is available with a traction drive system with a capacity of 178kg or a hydraulic drive with a capacity of 230kg. Pollock is the only manufacturer with the option of a side-hung configuration, although this results in a weight capacity of 158kg.

Wessex Wheelchair Lift

The Wessex Wheelchair Lift is available in three platform sizes and can achieve a maximum travel of 3.5m. As with all of our home lifts, In the event of power failure emergency back-up systems operate the door, light and alarm, and lower the lift to the ground.

Terry Harmony Wheelchair Lift

The Terry Harmony Wheelchair Lift is available with a range of trim colours and special car sizes in wheelchair model 200mm longer, 150mm wider or both.

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