Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hospital launches ceiling hoist fundraising drive

A HOUSE to House Collection in aid of New Ross Community Hospital is to be carried out in every home in New Ross town throughout the month of October.

Following a very successful meeting in the Community Hospital on Wednesday night, a team of over 40 people have been assigned various parts of the town for this voluntary collection.

Organised by a newly established fundraising committee in New Ross Community Hospital, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the facility, all funds raised through this initiative will go towards the costly project of installing muchneeded ceiling hoists in the hospital.

'A few years ago the board of directors had investigated the possibility of installing ceiling hoists, which would greatly enhance the quality of care and respect the dignity of patients, but preliminary costings and lack of finance ruled this out. The fundraising committee which was formed in February decided to undertake raising the necessary funds to make the installation of ceiling hoists a reality,' said Frances Ryan, Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

According to Frances, it has been 20 years since New Ross Community Hospital has made a general appeal to the public for financial support.

'When we appealed to the community for assistance 20 years after the District Hospital was closed by the South Eastern Health Board in 1987 the response was magnificent. Contributions received enabled the company to equip the hospital, employ staff and get up and going. Acting on the response of the community to its closure, a company limited by guarantee was formed, the building leased by the company from the Health Board and New Ross Community Hospital became a reality when it opened in January 1989,' explained Frances. 'We are very mindful and appreciative of the very generous contributions from individuals, families, clubs, organisations, businesses, factories and companies on an ongoing basis, but we now need our wider community's help,' she said.

New Ross Community Hospital is unique as it is a registered charity managed by a voluntary board of directors and run 'by the people – for the people'

'We know many of you have already contributed and we thank you most sincerely for doing so.' added Frances.

- Elaine FURLONG

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