Thursday, October 08, 2009

EU directive may discourage new buy-to-let investors

The EU is currently examining a proposed directive that would require all residential landlords in the 27 member union to ensure that every rental property is accessible to those with physical disabilities. Current regulations in the UK only require landlords to make these modifications and invest in the appropriate infrastructure if they have a tenant with a disability. The new rules, however, would make these changes necessary, even if a given property has been rented out over the long-term to a tenant without any known disabilities and, as such, the new infrastructure would never be used.

This legislation, drafted by the European Commission (EC), would require landlords to add ramps to their properties, wherever there are steps to climb outside the building, add new, accessible washroom facilities and Landlord Assist, an organization that provides help when it comes to tenant evictions, believes that the legislation might also require the installation of very costly stair lifts.

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