Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Molift Nomad Portable Ceiling Hoist

The Molift Nomad is a portable ceiling lifter designed for the purpose of lifting and transporting people in a residential or public environment.

The Molift Nomad hoist can climb between two rail systems, avoiding the need to make alterations to the door header. To do this, there must be a trolley with a climbing belt present on both rail systems.

using the molift nomad hoist

Molift Nomad XY Rail Tracking

Portable Molift Nomad

Molift Nomad on rail

Molift Nomad Hoist in Transport Trolley

The Molift Nomad Lifter

Molift Nomad Hoist with Reacher

Using the Molift Nomad

Using the Molift Nomad Reacher

Molift Nomad Lifter Dimensions

Unusually for a portable hoist the Molift Nomad has four point suspension as standard. Other features and benefits included as follows.

Technical specifications: 
  • Battery 26.4V – 1.9NiCD or NiMH 2.2Ah (defined as green battery by the EU) 
  • Lifting Height 2 metres (length of the lifting belt) 
  • Measures 522 x 200 x 329mm (L x W x H) 
  • Material Fibre armoured plastic and aluminium 
  • Unit Weight 6.8kg 
  • Weight Capacity 230kg (optional 255kg)

Features include: 

  • High lift speed 35mm/second with soft start-stop function 
  • Exceptionally high battery performance (70+ lifts per charge) 
  • Compatible with patented Flexi-Link Connection System 
  • Compatible with the Large Floor transport/storage Trolley 
  • Easy overnight charge system (charger may be desktop or wall mounted) 
  • Built in electronic lift counter/service alert 
  • Splash proof casing High lift capacity (230kg SWL or Optional 255kg SWL capacity)
For more information, please contact Dolphin Moblilty Hoists on 01276 856060. Alternatively you can email and information request to info@dolphinlifts.co.uk.

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