Friday, May 30, 2014

Nursing Benches

Nursing Benches are popular in changing places facilities, day centres, school hygiene rooms and care homes. Pressalit Care's range of nursing benches include height adjustable and fixed height options, which provide a stable platform for changing adults and children.

Pressalit Powered Nursing bench 1000

Pressalit Powered Nursing Bench with Splash Curtain

Powered nursing benches 2000 - R8468000

Pressalit 2000 bench detail

Pressalit 2000 Bench with Safety Rail Folded Down

Pressalit R8478000 Powered Nursing Bench with Safety Rail

Height Adjustable Changing Bench

Safety Rail for Powered Nursing Benches 3000 Series

Adjustable head and neck support - Pressalit Nursing Bench

Pressalit Water Collection Tray and Integrated Water Outlet

Height adjustable changing bench folded against the wall.

Pressalit R853021 - 3000 Series - Nursing Bench

Using a height adjustable changing bench

Splash curtain for nursing benches

Pressalit Safety Rail

Bench Safety Rail

All of these practical and stylish changing benches are available from Dolphin Lifts, please call 01276 856060 for more details. Dolphin can supply and install the bench as well as other complimentary items such as ceiling hoists, privacy screens and adjustable toilets and basins.

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