Thursday, May 29, 2014

Step Lifts by Dolphin Mobility

Step Lifts have been developed to give wheelchair users access when they are confronted by a change in level or due to the presence of steps. The lifts are compact whilst offering a large platform area and can be configured for use in domestic dwellings or public buildings. The following images are domestic step lift installations.

Step Lift Top Gate

Step Lift View from Above

Terry Step Lift Install - Dolphin Mobility

Completed Step Lift Project

Step Lift Installations

Platform Lift for Steps

Step Lift at Upper Level

Step Lift Side View

At Dolphin, we work with different suppliers in order to specify the most suitable step lift for the client and their property. We can also arrange all of the building work and the installation of the lift. For more details or to arrange a free no-obligation quotation, please call us on 01276 856060.

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